More on UIDs from Joho the Blog

David Weinberger is arguing strongly for unique IDs.

His latest post to JoHO argues that Web 2.0 and tagging will give way to the Year of the Unique ID.

Several comments are apropos of memography.

“When you have a large pile of stuff, you need a way to identify it. The more meaningful the names, the worse they scale. ”

“We could wait for authorities in each domain to issue the numbers, but we’ll make more progress faster if we accept that multiple interest groups within a particular domain are going to issue UIDs.”

“Why UIDs will be big and what they’ll look like”

“UIDs are going to be important because they enable people and systems to agree on what they’re talking about. Thus can systems interoperate and new applications can be built pulling together information and concepts from their digital diaspora. ”

“UIDs allows the sort of specificity that computers love. For example, when the person at the cash register (who well might be our daughter Leah, so be nice to her!) wands your groceries, the cash register knows exactly what you’re buying. But some items don’t come wrapped with neat little UPC’s printed on them. The canonical example is a book. ”

We have prepared a couple of printable (Word format) flyers to describe the memography and memetic web concepts.


Please print them out and give them to your colleagues.

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