Memespace Names and URNs

Ron Daniel writes on the TaxoCop list that “managing memespaces
sounds like managing URN namespaces. You might want to see what
the IETF defined for URNs, see which parts of it make sense, and
also see if you can figure out what special value you will offer
that will tempt people into supporting and using memespace names
when they have pretty much ignored URNs.”

Ron is right that URNs have been ignored. Only 25 URNs have been registered, probably because of the laborious RFC process needed for each one.

Some of them are organization names, suitable for proper memespaces (like OASIS and IETF). Others are more properly used as taxospace names (like ISBN and ISSN).

Memography’s Memespace Registry will offer a much simpler procedure for registering memespace and taxospace names.

And of course the value is memetic search.

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