Alpha Publicity

In our first week, we introduced the concept of memography™ and the memetic web™ to Peter Morville, David Weinberger, and Steve Krug (October 25).

This week we sent introductory emails to a number of key individuals who influenced the development of the basic concepts.

Library Science - Marcia Bates, Kathryn La Barre, Joan Mitchell, Elaine Svenonius, Arlene Taylor.

Information Architecture - Lou Rosenfeld, Peter Merholz, Eric Reiss (IAI Board)

Information Retrieval - Stephen Levin, Mark Sanderson (ACM-SIGIR)

Knowledge Management - Tom Davenport, John Sowa, Etienne Wenger

Taxonomy - Joseph Busch (and Ron Daniels), Seth Earley

Search Engines - Stephen Arnold, Avi Rappaport

Semantic Web - Tim Berners-Lee

Content Management - Tony Byrne, Martin White

User Interface - Jared Spool (and Joshua Porter)

Technorati - Dave Sifry

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