First Test

Today was our first proof of concept of memography’s 100% precision and recall.

Stephen Arnold challenged the very idea of “near perfect” recall.

Last Sunday (October 30) we had added a meme ID to three different websites, CMS Review, CMS Wiki, and skyBuilders.

We added meme ID = MEMOZIP-02138-6707, which is a unique ID for our lab and residence at 77 Huron Avenue, Cambridge, MA.

Here is a memelink to the aboutness page for MEMOZIP-02138.

Notice that this meme ID is a superset for all the ZIP-9 locations around Harvard Square.

Today we searched for this meme ID on Google and the search automagically returned all three pages.

At least on its first simple test, memography performed with 100% precision and recall!

One Response to “First Test”

  1. sj Says:

    Nicely done, and nice use of breaking-characters to provide meme nesting…