Lou Rosenfeld’s Bloug

In today’s Bloug, Lou says we should introduce the memetic web concept to search vendors. That will be our next step.

He cleverly notes that they could tap into the memespaces by recognizing an area code (or some other existing taxonomy like ISBN) and then prepending the memespace identifier, when they know it.

Our simple proposal for ISBN is just MEMOISBN-0596000359. This is the meme ID for the Polar Bear book (Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, by Lou and Peter).

See the memespaces page for others.

Search engines will also be key players in the control of meme ID spamming.

Any good contacts to recommend at Google et al.?

2 Responses to “Lou Rosenfeld’s Bloug”

  1. matthew smillie Says:

    If a search engine could reliably recognise (say) an ISBN, why would it need the memespace prefix at all? Could it not just recognise a probable ISBN in the query, and then search its index of ISBNs it’s previously recognised on pages?

  2. Administrator Says:


    The presence of an ISBN on a page does not mean the page is “about” the book, only that the book is mentioned there.