David Weinberger on Metadata

“Crunching the Metadata” is an article in the November 13 Boston Globe that describes the need for new - and unique - identifiers that we can use to tag books of the future (and of course the entire contents of the web). Is he thinking of meme IDs?

David says ” we’ll need two things.”

“First, we’ll need what are known as unique identifiers-such as the call letters stamped on the spines of library books. ”

“Second, we’re going to need massive collections of metadata about each book. Some of this metadata will come from the publishers. But much of it will come from users…”

David seems to agree with our theme that “we all are librarians now” when he says “Using metadata to assemble ideas and content from multiple sources, online readers become not passive recipients of bound ideas but active librarians, reviewers, anthologists, editors, commentators, even (re)publishers.”

David Bigwood (on his Catalogablog) says that Weinberger confuses classification with identification. Bigwood realizes multiple meme IDs will be needed to tag content fully.

One Response to “David Weinberger on Metadata”

  1. sean coon Says:

    yes, we’re all librarians. or… we’re all participating in our democracy. either way, times are a changin’ ;-)